The Health Benefits of Quitting

Smoking has always done the body more harm than good; therefore, it is of paramount importance that one should quit the pathetic habit. There are a few advantages of quitting the habit; such include:

Your immune system gets boosted. When an individual quits smoking, the circulation of the blood around the body improves significantly. This means that the person is able to fight against both major and minor diseases such as flu and colds due to the sufficiency of antigens and white blood cells around the body. In addition to this, the supply of oxygen around the body is also known to reduce the feeling of fatigue and unwanted headaches.

Quitting smoking tends to increase fertility chances and improve the sex lives of those involved. This benefit can be attributed to the fact that once one quits smoking, the blood flow across the body is improved and as such a man can be able to not only maintain an erection but also get aroused easily. In fertility, quitting smoking helps a woman get pregnant easily. Moreover, reduces the chances of getting a miscarriage or stillborn babies; it still enables one get healthy babies. Who doesn’t love healthy babies?

One reduces the chances of contracting diseases such as lung cancer and other coronary diseases. People that smoke are vulnerable to contracting coronary artery diseases and other cancerous diseases. Most of these diseases are often terminal and painful; therefore, quitting smoking reduces your vulnerability of contracting such diseases and heart attack too.

After seventy two hours of quitting smoking, the nicotine gets flushed out of the lungs and the entire system; this means that, the air passages are clear and the lungs are cleaned out. This means that you stop coughing out phlegm and at the same time your sense of smell is improved; clogging at this rate is also non-existent.

It reduces wrinkling and skin aging. Most of us if not all of us are not particularly excited to have that wrinkled or old skin. When one takes in nicotine, the skin cells are not able to function properly and hence the production of retin might be adversely affected. This means that the skin lacks that glow and as such looks unattractive. When you refrain from smoking your body starts producing enough skin cells; the skin therefore starts glowing and looks healthy enough and does not get damaged.

Improves the bone formation and keeps the eyes healthy. Most people that smoke often have red eyes or yellow-ish eyes; this is because the eyes get affected too by nicotine. Once one quits smoking, the nerve supply into the eyes is improved hence the chances of contracting optic neuropathy (a condition that often affects the supply of the nerves into the eyes) are reduced. It also prevents a disease of the eye known as macular degeneration which is the breakdown of tissue often at the back of your eyes. In addition to this, quitting prevents thinning of the bones and gives you stronger and better bones.

In conclusion, quitting smoking may be considered as a tough journey, but it would be important to look at the benefits that would come with quitting this behaviour. If one wants to live a longer, healthier and happy life then there are no two ways about it; do away with this behaviour and you are sure to live a more fulfilling life.